• Frequently asked questions.


  • What is swing trading?
    Buying or selling stocks and holding it in your account for a few days or weeks is swing trading. Investing in a stock with short time horizon to catch price movement over some news, earnings or market conditions is swing trading.

    What should I know before I start investing?
    It is very important to identify your goals and objectives. It is also important to make an honest assessment about the amount of risk you can afford to take.

    How does it work?
    The system is a 100% mechanical process and based on technical indicators.
    You receive daily recommendation email in you inbox or you can check the member area. If you decide to buy any or all of the stocks, you then place an order with your stock broker, we recommend limit and stop loss orders.
    The system provides an entry price to open the trade then you should close the trade at target or stop loss we provide.

    What kind of stocks do you pick?
    We deal primarily with stocks listed on the NASDAQ, these are liquid stocks from the index. NASDAQ is the global electronic marketplace to trade over 5000 stocks.

    Do you long or short the stock?
    We trade long and short positions to take advantages on both sides of the market.

    How much money do I need to get started?
    You can start trading with a mini account of $2,000 or less, please consult your broker regarding the minimum to open the account.

    What broker do you recommend?
    There are many online brokers with low commissions, some of the best are TradeStation, InteractiveBrokers, Ameritrade, Scottrade and many others.

    How are my portfolio results calculated?
    The portfolio results is the cumulative results (sum of all trades) divided by 6 (maximum of open positions), the commissions and slippage are nit included.

    How long do you hold the position?
    We hold the position until trigger the target or stop loss, the average holding is around 4 days.

    How much time do I need to make money?
    We have many members who have full time jobs that trade in their spare time as well as many people who trade full time for a living. Your time commitment is entirely up to you but you can normally be successful with as little as an hour a day. It takes a few minutes to place buy and sell orders with your broker and you don't have to sit at a computer all day and watch the stock if you use our recommended stop loss and target.

    How long have you been in business?
    We've been at this since 2006, and we're looking forward to many more decades to come!

    Do you have a free trial?
    No, we do not offer free trails.

    How do I cancel my penny stock newsletter subscription?
    Just send us an email with your username to info@stockproquotes.com or you can cancel the order by yourself on the member's script, the order will be cancelled immediately.

  • What kind of payment do you accept?
    We accept Paypal payments.

    I need further info, how do I contact you?
    You can email us to our support team to info@stockproquotes.com, we offer a fast response 24/7.

  • info@stockproquotes.com